Church Detox

SCP ARCHIVES – SHOW #4 – First released on April 27, 2005.

This podcast was recorded days following  the very last time I ever preached or spoke in a church setting. That seems so long ago. Life has surely changed.

I am amazed in listening to this show how naive and innocent I am to the idea of people wanting to stop going to church. You can tell I’m starting to branch out in my reading and challenging myself with different thoughts about faith, church and expressions of belief. At this point, I’m encountering people and ideas that I would avoid for fear of being led astray from faith. But I’m open to it and beginning to free my mind.

In this episode Josh and I talk about addiction to church. That concept had never occurred to me. This theme of addiction would play out in my life in many ways in the coming years. Co-dependency might be a better word. Most church people still suffer from it in my opinion, at least the church people I know.

Author: Steve

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