Stupid on Steroids

SCP SHOW ARCHIVE – SHOW #40 – Recorded on May 7, 2006

This is one for the ages!

During the early days of hype surrounding the God Hates Fags organization and Westboro Baptist Church, Josh had the incredible idea to reach out to them and try to arrange an interview. Amazingly, he nailed it down and Shirley Phelps (daughter of founder Fred Phelps) agreed to record a show with us.

You owe it to yourself to listen to the whole show. It’s a long one but worth it. As I recall and as we share on the show, this was a very difficult interview. We were exhausted afterwards. Everything within us wanted to scream at this woman at times, but we chose to play it as straight as possible.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is let stupid church people talk, but this is stupid on steroids!

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