Stupid Church People blog was created on April Fools Day, 2005.

It started with one purpose:

The goal of Stupid Church People is to be honest about how “foolish” church people can be. This is true for those of us that attend church (yours truly) and those that lead churches as paid staff (formerly yours truly).

Don’t take the name too seriously or personally. In fact, being a stupid church person just comes with the territory of attending or leading a church. Especially the evangelical Christian type of churches. It can’t be avoided.

There’s plenty of hyperbole, satire and sarcasm here to be found, and the method is often to shock you into thinking about things in a different way than you ever have before.

I started this website with the intention of sharing my observations and frustrations with the church. I wanted to write candidly about my experiences, my struggles and my pain. I also just wanted to have a little bit of fun.

As a long-time pastor at several churches, I have a unique perspective on the church. I know what it’s like to be a pastor, to struggle with one’s faith, to see the hypocrisy and to deal with pressures of being “godly” when you feel anything but.

Over the years this blog has been a cathartic process and I’ve been able to process many internal struggles in this open forum for all to see. In the course of it all, I found a community of people who became friends and acquaintances as we all traveled this journey together.

Do I hate the church? No. Do I still attend church? Not any more. Do I support the church? Quite the opposite. I really don’t care about the church anymore either way.

So what’s my purpose then behind Stupid Church People?

I just wanted to design a place where we can sometimes laugh at ourselves, where the truth is spoken, where light is shed on the darkness and where hurting people can share their pain.

My name is Steve and welcome to Stupid Church People!

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